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The Second Caspian International Protection, Security and Rescue Exhibition (CIPS) 2009 commenced on 4 November at the Heydar Aliyev Sports and Concert Complex. CIPS 2009 is part of a series of projects implemented by the ITE Group abroad, including the Moscow International Protection, Security and Fire Fighting Exhibition (MIPS), and analogous exhibitions in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This year, the exhibition will be held together with the BakuTel 15th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference. The exhibitions will run simultaneously, as information and communications technologies are widely applied to ensure the safety of the population and the exhibits are immensely important for specialists in both fields.

CIPS will bring together international exhibitors at the event. Many companies from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Japan, Russia and Ukraine have already confirmed their participation, representing renowned brands such as Panasonic, LG and FORTEZA. CIPS 2009 will be a centre not only for demonstrating the latest achievements in the development of rescue, fire fighting and computer protection services, but also for sharing information, brainstorming ideas and seeking opportunities to join efforts to combat personal and business threats. Visitors and exhibitors will become acquainted with the technical details of special forms of transportation, industrial intelligence systems, communications and reporting systems, and alarms systems. Closed circuit television and observation systems will play a significant role in this year's event.

In the framework of the exhibition, workshops and new product presentations will also be held. Each event will provide participants with a wealth of knowledge and facilitate business networking.

The theme of the exhibition promotes the development of various forms of industrial security, the broadening of international cooperation, and the improvement of security for civilians, companies and organisations. CIPS is the ideal vehicle for advancing products, developing brands and studying the market, and will also serve as a base for inter-branch communication between specialists, and meetings with potential customers. The exhibition targets representatives of governmental structures, fire fighting and rescue services, emergency medical assistance and traffic police administration, and directors of large-, medium-, and small-sized businesses in various sectors, as well as private persons.

Today, security issues are of mounting importance for all of society. Although the exhibition is very young - only in its second year of existence - interest in the event is enormous. Specialists and visitors are waiting for the exhibition's launch with bated breath. The event will run until 7 November.



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