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3rd Caspian International Protection,
Security & Rescue Exhibition

CIPS 2010, the 3rd Caspian International Protection, Security & Rescue Exhibition, was held, for the first time, in Baku Expo Center on 23-26 November. As the only international specialised security exhibition in the region, CIPS is not only a platform for product demonstration and promotion, business development and market research, but also a centre for sharing information, forming ideas and seeking opportunities to join efforts to combat the different threats to human lives and industry. The exhibition is organised by the British company ITE Group and its partner in the Caucasus, Iteca Caspian. Support is provided by the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The partners of the autumn exhibitions in 2010 include: Azerfon-Vodafone, Pasha Sigorta, Caspel, Greenwich Travel Club, SIAR and Caucas Point Hotel.

This year, the exhibition presented 22 companies from Azerbaijan, Italy, China, Russia, Turkey, USA, France and Czech Republic. The exhibition featured the latest equipment and technology, and recent advances and developments in almost every area of security provision. A major sector of the exhibition was security hardware and systems, which will present a wide range of CCTV systems from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG Security, SONY Security and Pelko, as well as special solutions for surveillance inside large warehouses, and the Smart Home system. A separate sector of the exhibition was for modular fire safety systems fire safety solutions for residential and commercial premises. Banking specialists were interested in the sector covering new banking solutions. This sector included the latest information security equipment and systems: information systems perimeter protection, secure internet access, personal data protection, secure access to information resources, secure automated systems, protection from the actions of insiders and more. For the first time, CIPS was also demonstrate the latest customs and border control equipment and technologies. In particular, visitors was able to see special drug detection equipment. Another new product was devices and sensors for the oil and gas industry.

Today, security technologies are becoming increasingly important. This is a result of the increased threats - both from individuals and at in industrial and commercial organisations. A number of measures have been taken by the leadership of Azerbaijan to ensure the safety of its citizens. Within the State programme on the improvement of the activities of the police in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was approved back in 2004 by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, a Safe City system has been introduced, which enables continuous surveillance in different parts of the city and ensures a rapid response to illegal activity. For the efficient operation of such systems, it is necessary to regularly upgrade equipment and introduce new technologies. In this regard, the importance of this security exhibition has grown. The exhibition creates all the conditions for the establishment of business relations, and the new products presented at the show will help promote innovative security products and technologies in the national market.

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